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Rtx 2060 vs rx 6700 xt reddit

KingBasten • 3 days ago. career objective indonesia6700XT is extremely powerful than 3060 no comparisons. hilltop holdings phone number

I thought about it for a while, watched multiple videos, read multiple reddit threads (and AMD hate threads too lol) but I decided to give it a shot. . May 24, 2023 · Here, the Radeon RX 7600 managed an average of 90 fps at 1080p, which is comparable performance to several pre-existing products such as the RTX 3060, 2060 Super, and 6600 XT. AMD Ryzen 5 2600X.

This info is from Techpowerup reviews: Metro Exodus (1080P/Ray Tracing): RTX 3060ti: 132/96 -.

I'm currently building a PC for some 1080p/1440p gaming.

From RX580 to RX 6700 XT! What a jump! This.

The most important thing is that the RX 7600 will cost $269, which is now officially confirmed.

In terms of generation upgrade, the RTX 4060 Ti.

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6600 XT is faster in games, but if you work and game on your machine, RTX 3060 is the better choice for 3D Artists. KingBasten • 3 days ago. . Already found a 6750XT for just $320 (same price as a 6700XT).

Been hearing a lot of people suggest the rx 6700xt and I was wondering is it a good card to upgrade to from my 2060. 9okm • 3 days ago. A 6600 XT for instance is slower in Blender vs RTX 3060.

RX 6600, Source: AMD.
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KingBasten • 3 days ago.

37. A mostly incremental upgrade over the original RX 6600 but with many of the new features from the RX 7900 XTX and XT, it would come with a price cut, from the RX.

No it looks like 6700XT will continue to be one of the best cards to buy for the next months, but it may drop in price a bit, it's hard to say. for example a RTX 3070 can play Cyberpunk 2077 RT Overdrive at 1440p DLSS 30 FPS whereas a RX 6700 XT won't and crawl under power point slide show FPS even at 1080p.


However, there seems to be just a one-digit performance difference between both cards in FireStrike test (RX 7600 offers 92% to 97% performance of RTX 4060 Ti). 2.

for example a.

18 hours ago · If you need a new GPU right now, the RX 6700 10gb is the smart choice ~$280, faster than a 7600, 10gb VRAM, wider memory bus and a full x16 PCIE lane It's extremely hard to argue the 6700 in the current market (While stock lasts) EDIT - Also keep an eye on the 6700xt prices, 10% faster again with 2gb more VRAM.

HyperShinchan R5 5600X -RTX 2060 •.

Scarabesque • 6 mo. . Patience is a virtue!. A 6600 XT for instance is slower in Blender vs RTX 3060.

RX 6700 XT 50. . . .


Getting the 6800xt/3080 at MSRP was about the best move you could’ve made in a loooooong time. tye_mustafa. It isn't really a competition the 6700XT is much stronger than the RTX3060.

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18 hours ago · AMD Fails Again: Radeon RX 7600 Review.

I can get hold of a 3060 (non ti) or a 6700 XT. For the record I currently play 1080p, thinking about moving on to 1440p in the. 18, RX 6600 XT on the other hand, 1004.